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Response to the President’s Speech Trickles in

I’ve had a few emergencies here at work and so have not had the chance to comment on the speech last night, as I would have hoped. Boortz seems to have a handle on an idea I had a few days ago when this speech was announced; The left will be not be satisfied, no matter what. Says Boortz [1]

“Well, as I predicted yesterday, President Bush’s speech last night at the Army War College is now being called ‘not enough’ and being criticized as ‘too little, too late.’  The media really is getting predictable, aren’t they?  I guess you have to give them credit for consistency.

Well…here come the naysayers and the doom and gloom bunch.  First off, they say, there was no exact date for the troops to pull out.  When are we going to be leaving, they howl.  Never mind the fact that it would be totally stupid to announce to the terrorists when we would be cutting and running.  Then, you have people like former Secretary of State Madeline Albright saying there’s no guarantee the Iraqi people will accept the interim government. So what is our solution?  Hand the whole thing over to the U.N.?  What a complete and total disaster that would be, but that’s what they want.”

And that’s the point; they won’t be satisfied and will complain about every little nit, because what they really want is for America to fail.

Drezner has an open thread going [2]that’s gotten some interesting comments, too. The usual leftist crowd there does nothing to change my mind about their desiring failure. See if you don’t notice the trend, as I’ve mentioned.

MCQ over at Q & O [3] has a comment or two.

Very little in the way of comments, elsewhere. Mostly, I suppose, this is from the idea that Mr. Bush’s plans have been laid out repeatedly for months, now… The denial of the Democrats, who have been lying for months now, saying Mr. Bush doesn’t even HAVE a plan, not withstanding.

Mr. Bush, it should be said, needs to continually hammer this point home, keep hammering away that we’re on a plan, and the plan is working… Both to settle minds in Iraq and here at home. This is particularly true in light of the demonstrated reluctance by the supposed mainstream press to report n such matters wihtout the usual leftist spin. Last night was a large step in that direction. However, it needs to be continued, to counter both the Democrats and Islamofacists in Iraq and around the world.

Both share the desire of, and are active in working toward, our failure. Mr. Bush needs to keep spreading this message to keep up the pressure on them both, if he wants to succeed, both in Iraq and here at home come November.

Update: A Small Victory [4]has some good comments as well.