Oregon Daily Emerald reports that LA TIMES editor John S. Carroll, in delivering a lecture on ethics, gave some big-brother-like twisting.

“All over the country there are offices that look like newsrooms and there are people in those offices that look for all the world just like journalists, but they are not practicing journalism,” he said. “They regard the audience with a cold cynicism. They are practicing something I call a pseudo-journalism, and they view their audience as something to be manipulated.”

In a scathing critique of Fox News and some talk show hosts, such as Bill O’Reilly, Carroll said they were a “different breed of journalists” who misled their audience while claiming to inform them. He said they did not fit into the long legacy of journalists who got their facts right and respected and cared for their audiences. “

Hoo, boy, here we go:

“Carroll cited a study released last year that showed Americans had three main misconceptions about Iraq: That weapons of mass destruction had been found, a connection between al-Qaeda and Iraq had been demonstrated and that the world approved of U.S intervention in Iraq.”

And this guy has the enlarged pair to talk about ethics?

First, yes, we continue to find WMD. That’s been well-documented and posted here in this blog, and elsewhere
Further, the connections between al-Qaeda and Iraq have in fact been demonstrated, and documented here and elsewhere, as well.

And as for the remainder of the world, the bottom line is their lack of understanding of the situation, is directly connected to the lies put out on the first two subjects by such outlets as the LA TIMES. And isn’t it interesting that his complaints are directed at the ones actually speaking the truth on the issues at hand?

The LA TIMES has no place lecturing ANYONE on the subject of ethics and misleading writing masquerading as NEWS.