OK, time to ‘fess up;

The reason behind my drop-off in blogging of late is rather simple; I’ve been working on replacing my beloved BitMobile. I’ve gotten to really like the Chevy Astro frame, and design, and a bit more narrowly, the conversions based on that frame. I’ve driven one for around 80,000 miles, now Loved it. Never had a vehicle with longer legs. This thing is more at home on the open freeway than most cars are in city traffic.  Plus it tows about anything I can drop onto the hitch. Since we camp out quite a bit, this is important.

So at 10 years and 140,000 miles, 70,000 in the last three years, on my current vehicle, I decided it was time to replace it, good as it’s still running… No rust, no oil burning, etc. An amazing truck, altogether. I hate to do it, but I don’t know where the outer edge is on this thing, if you will. 200k? 300k?
Ah, well.

I found a GMC Safari conversion that is another really outstanding unit, and even more heavily outfitted than my first rig.  Sport top on this one, and gives new definitions to the phrase ‘fully loaded’. Yesterday was for the dealmaking. Today is for getting to know my new truck.

I’ll post a picture tonight of the new one, if I can.