There’s a lot of wailing about the FCC and it’s crackdown on such as Howard Stern. Stern loves to complain it’s all the Bush administration’s fault he’s off most of the stations he was on.  But as usual, facts run afoul of the liberal mantra.John Fund points out this morning:

“The real push for tougher enforcement has come from Democratic commissioner Michael Copps, who was outraged by Mr. Stern’s kidding about hookers and rescue workers at ground zero. Mr. Copps also wanted to yank a station’s license because it aired a vulgar shock jock called Bubba the Love Sponge. The FCC settled for $755,000 in fines, after which Clear Channel Radio fired Bubba. Clear Channel has also dropped Mr. Stern from its stations (he aired on only six of them), prompting the shock jock to compare his agony to ‘Jesus on the cross, having his skin pulled.’ “

So, will we see Stern back off his rhetoric about Bush?
Likely that’ll be about the time Stern actually shows us any talent.