Nealz Nuze Today’s Nuze

“This is World War IV — a war against fundamentalist Islamic Jihadists and terrorists.  These are the people we are fighting.  They are vicious relentless Muslim animals who will not stop killing innocent Americans and who will not abandon their dream of a world dominated by Islam until they are utterly and completely destroyed.  These are people without a conscious who believe that the way to redeem their honor is to brutally slaughter innocent human beings, and this they do in the name of their god.

The question may be discomforting, but do these Islamic terrorist fanatics draw encouragement from the constant Democratic attacks on the president and the liberation of the people of Iraq from one of history’s most brutal dictators?  How could they not?  How could these vicious Islamic bastards not draw comfort from Ted Kennedy’s comparisons of Iraq with Vietnam?  These Islamic fanatics know they’re at war.  They make no secret of their ambition and intention to destroy America.  Do you think they haven’t studied our history?  How could they not know that America abandoned Vietnam to communist aggression when the going got particularly rough and when the tide of opinion in America turned against the war.  Do they not hear the comparison to Vietnam from a leading American politician as nothing less than a prelude to surrender or withdrawal … a sign of American weakness?”

Just read it…. the whole thing.