CYBERGRASS? The Internet Bluegrass Music Magazine – Selwyn Blakely Dies From Heart Attack

Some of you from usenet and the blogging world will understand my lukewarm comments, here. For the rest, trust me, I’m being as kind as I know how to be about this.

I wondered what had happened, why the sudden drop-out in posting. Now, I know.
Selwyn Blakely, otherwise known as Banjocat in Usenet circles, apparently has died as a result of a sudden heart attack.

He and I have had something of a history, over the last few years. I spanked him with some regularity in Usenet, and he never could get over it. He decided I was going to be a target as a result. He never did wake up, sadly. 

As a measure of the kind of hate he spewed as a habit, check out the review he listed against this Blog Or, you can read some of the garbage he used to post in Usenet.

I have two regrets about this;
Too bad he didn’t live until the re-election of Mr. Bush.
Not that I think he’d have woken up, mind you.

Too bad he died before becoming fully human.

Oh, and one more regret; I’m sure he had many fine qualities. I regret never having been witness to them.

Yes, Chris Bakley, I’ve seen your lament on Al Fraken’s site. Sorry for your loss… as I said above; I’m sure he had many fine qualities.

But do us both a favor, and go into the links above, and just read his comments in his own words. His attacks were hardly focused against me alone, but against anything to the right of Fidel Castro. Not too much a shock then, that you’d seek reinforcements from a blithering, drooling socialist idiot like Al Franken. “Do not speak ill of the dead’ is not, in fact, a command to lie about them so as not to offend. You may not think so, but I was rather kind ot the gent, particularly in light of what he did to the rest of us. I’m neither inclined, nor required to lie about such a person.

But as I say, go into the usenet links I’ve provided, above, and read through them. Keep in mind; This isn’t stuff I’ve posted… these are HIS posts, his words, his vicious attacks all on Google’s permanent record. I’m not responsible for any of it; I simply point to it. They are words and actions from him, and not I… actions and words I’m willing to bet you had no idea of at all before you started in on me on the farthest left site you, could find, trying to stir up whatever you could.

But since I’m a nice guy, here’s a clue for you:
Far from being hard on the guy, I let slide many things that should have been commented on… things you’ll find others call him out on, in the searches I’ve linked to above.

As it was, I simply linked to his own words and actions, and let them speak for him. They speak better to my point than I ever could, and in any event, I think simply linking to his posts can hardly be considered an offense against anything. My post here needs no defense.

Your problem was with, and remains with his actions, and those alone.

And finally, I find it interesting you should be posting from the same IP address I banned at this site last April, a mere two weeks after this post first went up…. one of only two addresses to have ever been banned in the year and half-long history of this site. The other ban being for Banjocat hismelf… and both for the same reason. Tell me; do you and your nephew share the same first and last names, and live at the same address, or am I dealing with yet another eleborate ruse?

Not that I care, either way, mind you, because here’s the bottom line: Again, I’m very sorry for your loss, but my comments stand, Chris. I will NOT remove them. 

End of discussion.