The AP is reporting:

WASHINGTON – The U.S. government warned a young American to leave Iraq, and offered him a flight out of the country, a month before his grisly beheading was broadcast on an al-Qaida-linked Web site, officials said.

But authorities in Baghdad denied that Nicholas Berg, 26, was held in U.S. custody before he disappeared in early April, despite claims to the contrary by his family. The authorities said he had been held by Iraqi police for about two weeks and questioned by FBI agents three times.

So, the sub-plot for this is developing; What the hell was Berg still doing there?

I’m becoming concerned, though, that we’re losing focus, here. Boortz points out on his page this morning that already the left has been managing a way to blame the President for Berg’s death. The one doing this was none other than Chucklehead Rangel. says Boortz:

‘As early as Tuesday night Rangel was saying that if the “Bush economy” hadn’t lost 3 million jobs people like Berg wouldn’t have had to go over to Iraq looking for work.

Imagine the self-satisfied smirks on the faces of the Islamic killers who sawed Nick Berg’s head off.  “Yeah, we killed the infidel, and then we sent them a tape!  But now American politicians are blaming his death on the evil Bush!”

Berg’s murderers can’t vote in November, but if they could, just who do you think they would cast their ballot for?  Would they vote for the candidate who wants to go crawling on all fours to beg forgiveness from the United Nations, France and Germany?  Or would they vote for the man who has pledged to destroy them, and has shown a determination to do so.  If you think that these Islamic terrorists want Bush to win … then you’re unsalvageable.  Why wouldn’t they draw comfort and encouragement from the likes of Rangel, Kennedy, McDermott, Daschle and the the list of Democrats for whom a victory in the November election is more important than a victory in the war against terror.’

Isn’t it odd, though, how Berg has just about disappeared from the front pages, and yet our old freind, Abu Griab, remains there, along with calls for Don Rumsfeld’s head? (Yes, I know, sick play on words. I don’t care) The images of Berg having his head removed with a dull blade are too graphic a picture to show the American people, and so that outrage gets muted… but Abu Girab? That’s just Naked Arabs.  And, Heck, it doesn’t even need to be real… witness the story I ran yesterday regarding the Globe and it’s bogus pics.

Just for a moment, here, let’s suppose that this non-coverage of the bigger outrage of Berg, is misdirecting the anger of American voters. Follow that thought to it’s logical conclusion.

I tell you; there’s fact and public opinion manipulation going on here by Democats and their supporters, seeking at any cost, and I mean ANY cost, to regain power. And I wonder how many Americans have the wit to see it for what it is.

UPDATE: Jeff Jacoby this morning:

:Yes, Virginia, there really is a gaping media double standard. News organizations will shield your tender eyes from the sight of a Berg or a Daniel Pearl being decapitated, or of Sept. 11 victims jumping to their deaths, or of the mangled bodies on the USS Cole, or of Fallujans joyfully mutilating the remains of four lynched US civilians. But they will make sure you don’t miss the odious behavior of Americans or American allies, no matter how atypical that misbehavior may be or how determined the US military is to uproot and punish it.

We are at war with a vicious enemy, and propaganda in wartime is a weapon whose consequences can be deadly. Nick Berg lost his life because the Abu Ghraib pictures were turned into a worldwide media event. Yes, those who did so were sheltered by the First Amendment. That makes what they did not better but worse.”