The New York Post is giving UNSCAM the attention it desrves. As I predicted to you a few months ago, this story is starting to pick up steam.

“It worked like this: Iraq would export under-priced oil, import over-priced goods, and cash in the difference through friendly middle-men. This occurred in plain daylight, right under the U.N.’s nose, with the complicity of hundreds of international companies, and possibly, the knowledge of many governments that had seats on the U.N. Security Council.

Beyond the kickbacks, Saddam was able to smuggle an estimated $5.7 billion worth of oil and fuel out of the country in total violation of the sanctions. Hundreds of trucks would enter Iraq from Turkey filled with goods bought under Oil-for-Food – then drive off again with fuel destined for sale on the black market. Other smuggling routes included a pipeline through Syria, and ships sailing Iranian territorial waters.”

It’s clear that the level of corruption is why the UN was unresponsive to President Bush’s call for UN action in Iraq. I imagine the temptation for the Administration to say “See?” is quite strong indeed. Mr. Bush and his people are wise to let these investigations proceed without comment. However; The American people, I think, understand this point, and will react accordingly come November.

It’s also clear that many people, many nations, stood to lose bigtime had Saddam’s weapons actually been found. Stands to reason someone’s still hiding them. 


An excellent commentary on all this can be found HERE