ABC’s Charlie Gibson was there, and saw John Kerry tossing medals over the fence. Kerry responds to being caught in his lie about not doing so, by charging that Gobson, arguably one of the reporters more prone to lean toward liberalism, in a line of work already soaked with such people, to be a tool of the Republican White House…. a laughable statement on it’s face. Then comes Thomas Oliphant this morning, who says he saw the same thing that Gbson reported… Kerry, despite his denials today, tossing his medals over the fence.

When even the Boston Globe comes out swinging on Kerry’s lies, you know the poundage challanged sister in the viking suit is warming up, and the show’s about over. Oliphant still tries to defend Kerry, but it’s no good. Even he can’t get around the fact that Kerry is now a documented liar, and an astoundingly stupid one, at that.

Kerry, not having anywhere to go from this trap he’s erected around himself, has been trying to change the subject to Vice President Dick Cheny, and re-hashing the well-exposed lie about the President being AWOL.

Kerry has been destroyed, and knows it.  So too, do his followers, like Oliphant.
They just won’t admit it.

As John Podhoretz points out, It’s called ‘denial’.

“Here’s the truth that Democrats don’t want to admit and that Republicans are fearful of speaking openly because they don’t want to jinx things: Kerry is a terrible, terrible, terrible candidate.

It’s not so much the policies he proposes, although they don’t add up to all that much. The problem is Kerry himself. He no sooner opens his mouth than he sticks first one foot and then the other right in there. “