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…. for those who have written reviews for the various blog engines, about BitsBlog,a nd those who have written me E-mail with kind words, some of which I’ve posted on the Right Column, upper.

Nice to know you’re well-taken by your fellow bloggers and readers. It means a lot.

And yes, there’s always a naysayer in the group. But, consider the source.
Everyone else does.

In case anyone wonders, at the moment, I’m getting about 90 readers per day.  This is a slow and steady climb, which is pretty well what I’ve been working for. As a result of hte increased reaership, and reader comments, I am considering a seperate hosting arrangement for this blog.

I’m currently dealing with a number of issues on my home network, and other projects, but we’ll see how it goes… possibly someitme over the summer, I’ll make a move. Stay tuned.