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Panel to Reconsider Clarke Statements

Apparently, the 9/11 commission is now openly questioning Clarke’s credibility, even before Condi Rice takes her oath. The Washington Times [1] is reporting that

“The September 11 commission will look at the discrepancy between the testimony of Richard A. Clarke that the Clinton administration considered the threat of al Qaeda “urgent” and its final national-security report to Congress, which gave the terror organization scant mention.

Al Felzenberg, spokesman for the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the United States, said commission members are familiar with an article in yesterday’s editions of The Washington Times, which showed that President Clinton’s final public document on national security never referred to al Qaeda by name and mentioned Osama bin Laden just four times.

“We’re still taking evidence. We know that certain people say many things,” Mr. Felzenberg said. “It’s not at the point yet where we can resolve apparent contradictions … but we read all these reports with great interest. “