The New York Post. calls the 9/11 commission a national disgrace:

“We never thought former Sen. Bob Kerrey was taking seriously his responsibilities to the national 9/11 commission. But his insulting mid-meeting abandonment of President Bush (news – web sites)’s sitdown with the body yesterday was beyond the beyond.

Kerrey and fellow Democrat Lee Hamilton bugged out early from the three-hour sitdown – each pleading ‘a prior engagement’ – while Bush and Vice President Cheney sat calmly and answered the commission’s questions.
Almost as insulting as the walkout was commission Chairman Tom Kean’s decision to let it happen. Obviously, Hamilton, Kerrey and Kean don’t consider the panel’s probe to be all that important.”

Well, the problem here is there were no TV cameras to parade in front of. When there were, and the exposure ocld be used to punce on Mr. Bush and the Republicans, the Democrats on the panel were all a twitter… When they were not, … particulalry when the sitation appeared to favor Mr. Bush…. well…  bye, bye Democrats.

Politics, and political advantage in an election year is all these poor excuses for hman beings, were EVER about…  and their actions yesterday show this clearly. The Post says:

“In good times, such contempt for the presidency – indeed, for the American political system, and the people it represents – would be despicable.  In the context of a mission as important as the 9/11 panel’s – and with a war on, no less – the members’ behavior is downright inexcusable.  Resignations are in order.”