drowning at 2 feet sea levelis runing an E-mail, which says in part:

“On March 26 we lost a 21 yr old Marine from the Houston area in Iraq. On Saturday March 27 the Chronicle sent a reporter – Lucas Wall – to the family’s home to interview them. The body hadn’t even made it home yet. On their driveway the reporter (more than once) made it apparent through his questions that he wanted to draw a negative conclusion for President Bush and his Iraq policy from the family reaction at this time of grief. Clearly he came to sell an agenda than to respectfully report a story at a sensitive time of grief. The family responded in specifically instructing the reporter to NOT put anything negative about Bush in the story – they supported the President.

The piece was published Sunday March 28 – and the writer inserted a statement at towards the end of the story between 2 quotes from family members strongly implying that they recognized Bush’s failure to find weapons of mass destruction and that failure undermined the President’s authority or justification for the war in which they just lost their son. Clearly this was in direct conflict with not only the facts but also the requests of the family in their time of intense grief.”