Kerry continues to slide in the polls, particuarly among undecideds… but interestingly among the Democrats themselves.
But what does it mean?

For one thing, it raises the chances of exactly what I predicted a year ago, and several times since then… a brokered Democrat convention and Democrat nomination. I shouldn’t have to tell you, Hitlery will play large at such an affair.  Her biological clock is ticking. Dick Morris is still suggesting that if she’s going to make a move, it’ll be now. Using his logic, let’s say by some disaster, John Kery manages to get elected. So let’s say we’re still around after four years of Kerry. (Unlikely)
He’ll run again in 2008, in that case.  In the even more unliekly event that we’re around after 8 years of John Kerry, his VP, whoever that will be, will end up running for President, as Al Gore did, this last go-round. In all those cases, Hillary is unlikely to try and upset a sitting presdent or VP… it’s not been done since ’68 (Johnson) .  That means it’ll be 2016 or 2020, depending, by the time she’s got a shot at it… and she’ll be 73 at that point.

Bottom line on all that is, that barring any offer from Kerry to Hitlery for the VP slot, we’ll see her trying to make a run THIS YEAR, at the convention.

Kerry, in the mean time, may be a dummy, but his people aren’t, at least in terms of the possible in what amounts to a popularity contest. They know that such an attempt by Hitlery, when it happens… even if unsuccessful… will fracture the left, and thus ruin any small chance Kerry getting elected this year. On that basis, they’d be likley to try and talk Kerry into asking Clinton to fill the VP slot.  The thing is, they also know that a Clinton/Kerry ticket would turn off all but the most hard core leftists, thus also killing what little chance Kerry has.

How will it play out? I’ve no idea, other than Kerry will not win, regardless. But it’ll be reasonably interesting in an entertainment sense… Rather like a Demolition Derby for Democrats.