Drowning at 2 feet sea level posts an interesting read on the latest Disney Bomb called “The Alamo”:

“‘The movie reads more like a Disney fairy tale and promotes a politically correct revisionist agenda aimed at destroying a traditional American hero,’ said B. Forrest Clayton of Freedom Alliance, who reviewed the script.
Clayton says he found it to be ‘full of inaccuracies.’ He says Davy Crockett is portrayed as a ‘frightened wanderer’ who wanted to escape ‘over the wall’ in the dark of night during the historic battle, but felt paralyzed and trapped by his own underserved heroic reputation.
Clayton says the film has Crockett captured, bound and executed on his knees after the battle was over, ‘even though the historical evidence shows that he was killed fighting, in the thick of combat, during the battle.’
Disney also is criticized for portraying Gen. Sam Houston as a ‘venereal-diseased drunkard’ and Col. William Barret Travis, commander of Texan forces at the Alamo, as a ‘deadbeat dad and serial adulterer.'”

One wonders if this bout with PC will end Eisner at Disney. Do the stockholders know what’s going on, here?