The Washington Times: Inside the Beltway this morning has a note about yet another Richard Clarke lie…

“We met with the families. We heard their stories, and we put pictures of their fallen children on our desks,” Mr. Clarke writes of the December 1988 bombing. “The town [of Lockerbie] had opened its hearts to the families of all of the victims. Lockerbie had donated stones for a cairn, a Scottish memorial rock pile, one rock for every victim. Joined by my colleague Randy Beers, we drove to the cemetery and selected a site for the cairn.”
“He is a phony,” Mr. Duggan says. “I know something about this, and no family member ever dealt with Clarke. We dealt with Randy Beers long after the cairn was built. The NSC staffer assigned to the Pan Am families was Richard Canas.
“Clark and Beers never ‘selected the site’ — I did, and attached my site drawings to the legislation the families were proposing to erect the cairn,” Mr. Duggan tells Inside the Beltway.
The counsel adds: “The Pan Am 103 cairn in Arlington Cemetery is not a ‘rock pile,’ but a monument of 270 large stones, carefully cut so they fit together to memorialize each of the victims. He obviously never even saw a photo of the cairn, nor did he have photos of the victims’ children on his desk.”