Ron Brownstein passes along some interesting news in the world of election ads, in his LA TIMES column today: (No, I won’t link it; they require registration, and I won’t link registration-demanding sites)

“One leading Democratic interest group recently asked a focus group in Florida to respond to a potential television ad accusing Bush of negligence in failing to stop the attacks. The result was volcanic — against the ad.”

“‘They were so angry I thought they were going to turn the tables over,’ said a Democratic operative who watched the session. ‘It was a very polarizing ad, and it pushed people who were on the fence decidedly away from us.'”

But hasn’t that been the argument of the Democrats all along? Consider their positoning with the 9/11 commission, and the angle of attack as displayed by BenVineste.  The Democrats have backed themselves into a corner on this one, I think.