InstaGlenn makes mention of a report in the Amsterdam News, regarding the AIR AMERICA takeover of WLIB, which basically dropped all the station’s black oriented talk shows.

“This is worse than a badge of slavery. It is cultural genocide. This want of outrage to cultural genocide on the part of Blacks is rooted in a lack of knowledge of our culture and our history. Dr. Carter G. Woodson described this malady in “The Miseducation of the Negro.””

(Here’s another angle on that story)

Glenn goes on to suggest that:

“The whole piece is rather, um, overheated. But it suggests that Air America is doing some damage with a key constituency.”

Well, I dunno, Glenn, if it IS overheated. I am struck again by comments made by Franken yesterday, along with a story linked by Drudge today. The upshot seems to be that the DNC has finally written off the black voter.  They’re no longer concerned about them, even publicly.

Can this be a tacit admission that blacks are moving away form the Democrat party?
At the least this seems to be the Democrats taking black voters for granted.