[[Guest Blogger, Matt Margolis chimes in on this Kos bit I wrote of recently. Many thanks to Matt for his permission to use the full text of his post. Here’s the link to the Blogs for Bush article, including the discussion.  ]]


I feel nothing over the death of mercenaries … Screw them.
-Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, “Daily Kos”

Such shameful, despicable, immoral words, uttered by liberal blogger Markos Moulitsas (“Kos”) are a sad and disturbing reflection of the lows that liberals take themselves to because of their hatred for President Bush, and objections to the freedom of the Iraqi people.

It is by no means any less disturbing that Senator John Kerry and the Democrat Party have embraced Kos because of his prowess on the blogosphere.

Last December, Kos guest blogged on the DNC’s blog “Kicking Ass”, where he detailed ” royal treatment” from DNC staffers and having a meeting with Terry McAuliffe. Kos and his co-blogger virtually salivated over the experience, swooning over the efforts of the DNC to “change the rules about how they communicate with their supporters.”

Obviously, the DNC holds Kos in high regard and sees him as an asset to their cause.

Now, Kos is another liberal blogger who “dated Dean” and “married Kerry” – of course things were pretty serious in Kos’s relationship with Dean. Kos was invited to travel with Howard Dean during his campaign. Kos certainly has made friends in high places in the DNC…

Kos has his hands buried deep in several campaigns. Blogger Michael Friedman wrote to the campaigns of several candidates with ties to Kos.

Martin Frost, Democrat Congressional Candidate in Texas. The campaign manager wrote him back:

As a former Army Reserves member, spouse of an Army General on active duty and an American, Martin finds these words extremely irresponsible and highly offensive. As soon as this posting was brought to our attention we immediately severed any tie to the website

The campaign of Joe Donnelly, Democrat Congressional Candidate in Indiana, and Joe Hoeffel, Democrat Senatorial Candidate in Pennsylvania, have also stopped advertising on Kos’s website.

    Question: Who has not severed ties with Markos Moulitsas Zuniga?

    Answer: Senator John F. Kerry.

Daily Kos is still listed on Kerry’s Website on his “Blogs, Boards, and Networking Groups” page.

Daily Kos is still listed on John Kerry’s blogroll.

Kos still has a contribution page on Kerry’s website.

Where is John Kerry now?

Does Kos have any regrets? No. He’s written it off in a similar way that John Kerry would in a post titled “I took their best shot, and… that was it?”:

So I said something pretty stupid last week. I served up the wingnuts a big, juicy softball. They went into a tizzy, led by Instapundit.

And for a while, I was actually pretty worried.

But the final tally was — about 30 hate-filled emails, about 15,000 hate-filled visitors, and the pulling of three advertising spots that are going to be replaced in less than a week. (I had two emails today about people wanting to advertise despite the controversy.)

He claims to have received racial comments and threats of violence against him. True or not, I don’t know, nor do I condone such a reaction, but Kos has blindly labeled these actions as “you know, typical right-wing sh*t.”

Most insulting, is Kos’s last remark on the “tizzy” of “wingnuts”:

But if that’s the best they can throw at me, I’ll simply echo Kerry.

Bring it on.

Where is John Kerry, by the way?

Kos has once again belittled the vicious deaths of Americans in Iraq by dismissing the outrage and criticism against him as partisan attacks. John Kerry is nowhere to be found. No de-linking. Nothing.

John Kerry’s campaign has received $48,349 by 566 donors through Daily Kos.

    John Kerry, what is your response to Kos’s despicable words?

The Democrat Party has received $60,776 by 636 donors through Daily Kos.

    Terry McAuliffe, what is your response to Kos’s despicable words?

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has received $852 through Daily Kos.

    What’s their response to Kos’s despicable words?

We’re waiting…

UPDATE: More despicable reactions from the left at Democratic Underground. Note the Kerry icon…

UPDATE: John Kerry’s blog has now de-linked Daily Kos:

In light of the unacceptable statement about the death of Americans made by Daily Kos, we have removed the link to this blog from our website. As John Kerry said in a statement earlier this week, “My deepest sympathies are with the families of those lost today. Americans know that all who serve in Iraq – soldier and civilian alike – do so in an effort to build a better future for Iraqis. These horrific attacks remind us of the viciousness of the enemies of Iraq’s future. United in sadness, we are also united in our resolve that these enemies will not prevail.”


I will add the comment that this attempt at seperation is already having an effect; The folks reading the Kerry site are NOT pleased. And I will repeat:

let’s face it, Kos’ is a beeping idiot, but unremarkable. I mean, at what point do we start to admit to ourselves that Kos and his now-exposed attitudes, are not all that unusual on the left? This is nothing new; Kos and his comments are not at all unlike Fonda and her ilk..(Kerry included) wishing death and destruction on those fighting in ‘nam.

Try as the left will to disconnect themselves from such people, they cannot; such people, such ideals, are the base of the left wing today. The sooner we can get to the point of admitting it, we can move on.

Pun intended.

And Kerry will not seperate himself from Kos for the same reason. THIS is the message we need to get out to the voter… the kind of vile non-thinking hatred the Democrats are driven by.

Thanks again to Matt, for this and all he does.