I did…. so did Boortz:

“Tom Lantos is a California Democrat representing (where else?) the San Francisco Bay area.  Yesterday Lantos was on a panel questioning some individuals over the United Nations Oil for Food Scandal.  Lantos is not happy that people are questioning the honesty and integrity of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.  My dropped to my shoes when I heard Lantos say:
‘At a time when we are placing enormous responsibilities following the handover on June 30th upon the United Nations and the Secretary General to imply dishonesty on his part is so contrary to our national interests that is simply boggles the mind.’
Did the same thought cross your mind?  Tom Lantos, a Democrat, sees it as fundamentally wrong to imply any dishonesty on the part of Kofi Annan at a time when Annan is facing great responsibilities in Iraq.  But …. Tom Lantos, a Democrat, sees no problem whatsoever in questioning the honesty of the president of the United States at a time when he is also facing great responsibilities in Iraq. 
Is this the way it is for Democrats?  It’s fine to impugn the integrity of our president, but keep your grimy right-wing mitts off the Secretary General of the United Nations.”

Ah yes, Tom Lantos; Making the world safe for socialism.