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Attack Naked, Or with BBQ Sauce

Boortz posted this one this morning. I wondered how long it would take… one of my readers mailed it to me several weeks back:

As you may know, it is a sin for a devout Muslim to see any woman other than his wife naked.  If he does happen to see another naked women, he must commit suicide to purge his soul.  So, understanding this about devout Muslims, at 4:00 p.m. this coming Saturday, May 1st, women in major American cities with large Muslim populations are going to strip naked and walk about their neighborhoods.  The plan is to walk about the neighborhood for one hour in an effort to cause any lurking Al Qaeda sleepers to end their own miserable lives.  Good luck ladies!  And thanks for the effort!

Personally, I figure that the way to solve the problem in Iraq is to bomb Fallujah with a a few million tons of Pulled Pork. I don’t know of many people who can resist a good BBQ, and my guess is most of the zealots there won’t know what it is until after the resutling gorge-fest, thus, as with the above idea, requiring suicide on the part of the zealots in question.
Quick, someone… call the Pentegon.

On the other hand, even Saddam had cans of SPAM in his bunker.