Think Doctor Rice testifying beforethe attack poodles Bob Kerry and BenVineste was a big political deal for the Democrats? Think again, while reading CBS News report yesterday…. Notice this stuff never made it over Dan Rather’s desk…

“Condi’s Testimony Elicits Rapid Response: While rapid response is a fixture of presidential campaigns, it is much less common during Congressional testimony. That all changed Thursday, with the Thunder Road Group sending out a series of missives during the testimony of National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice.

Emph is mine-Bithead

Sent by former Kerry campaign manager Jim Jordan, the rapid response actually began before the testimony, with Jordan providing reporters with a “Guide to Tomorrow’s Testimony” on Wednesday night. The “Guide” included a series of quotes to keep in mind, such as “I didn’t feel a sense of urgency,” which George W. Bush is quoted as saying to Bob Woodward in his book Bush at War.

A quote later found to be inaccurate

When the testimony got underway, Jordan began sending out emails at a rapid pace: five emails in the space of one hour alone. The response followed a pattern: a quote that Dr. Rice had uttered moments before followed by previous quotes from administration officials (often Richard Clarke) or newspaper stories or televisions appearances that seem to contradict Rice’s testimony. In one email, Jordan sent Rice’s quote about terrorism as a priority, “It was the very first major national security policy directive of the Bush Administration – not Russia, not missile defense, not Iraq…” followed by a litany of quotes from Rice before September 11, 2001 that seem to suggest otherwise.

In another, Jordan followed Rice’s statement, “Yet, as your hearings have shown, there was no silver bullet that could have prevented the 9/11 attacks,” with a selection of headlines including a New York Times lead from March 5 that says, “Leaders of 9/11 Panel Say Attacks Were Probably Preventable.”

It’s not clear what marks Rice will get for her testimony. But with Jordan’s email firing on all cylinders, he clearly hopes to provide journalists with a very clear context for journalists to evaluate her comments. “

Well…….Clearly slanted, anyway.

It’s a wonder anyone trusts these slimeball Democats anymore….