It’s been about a year now, since President Bush gave the order to invade Iraq, based on UN resolutions. By the info we had then, it was the correct thing to do on many levels. And since then, it has been show all the more to have been the correct action. As time has gone on, it’s becoming clear how Saddam Hussein abused the United Nation’s oil-for-food program.

Just within the last few weeks, The New York Times posted an article on how..,

“Saddam Hussein’s government systematically extracted billions of dollars in kickbacks from companies doing business with Iraq, funneling most of the illicit funds through a network of foreign bank accounts in violation of United Nations sanctions.”

The evidence that’s now coming to light from The Iraqi Governing Council pretty much confirms, and in fact goes well beyond the report by the U.S. General Accounting Office, which told us that Saddam and his thugs had used the Oil for food program to steal several billion dollars between 1997 the present… money that could have made the Iraqi people rich many times over, particularly in contrast to the condition we found them in one year ago.

Of greater import, however, is the picture that we’re exposing behind the more obvious fraud committed by Saddam and Company.  Now that they’re out from under the thumb of Saddam, Iraq’s Oil Ministry has been telling us by way f the meticulous documentation kept for Saddam, a list of names of companies and individuals world-wide, that also benefited financially by means of Iraqi oil, under Saddam’s rule. They did so by getting oil… lots of it; at far below market prices.

On this is are French and German names, such as Charles Pasqua, the former French Foreign Minister, as well as Russian names, among them being higher-ups with Putin’s office. Worse, the names on the list also include many within the UN itself… up to and including Kofi Anan’s number 2 man Benon V. Sevan, who according to UN records I’ve found, was in charge of the oil-for-food program. All in all, according to Iraqi newspaper reports, about 270 former Cabinet officials, legislators, political activists and journalists in about 46 countries are involved in the scam.

Tish Durkin recently summed it all up for us, in the National Journal:

“Through regular but vague accounting practices, the members of the Security Council are kept apprised of how much money has been earned through the program, and how much has been allocated to each sector,” she wrote.

“But they do not know how much has been spent, or on what. Incredibly, the oil-for-food program has never been audited. Yes: one madman, 10 agencies, 15 independently self-interested Security Council members, more than 50 billion smackers, zero audits,”

As a result of all of this, several questions spring into view, from the American point of view, not only on the world stage but on the domestic side as well given the election cycle in progress just now.

If the reports are true, that the whole thing was crooked… (And given Kofi Anan’s call for an independent audit, we have no reason to think they’re not)…

* What else can we not trust the UN on, at least as regards Iraq? For that matter what CAN we trust the UN on going forward?

*If by the UN’s action and stupidity, some folks with UN authority benefit from the oil for food program continuing, wouldn’t they be motivated to arrange for the continuance of the program….

* Say, for example, UN teams not finding WMD in Iraq that did exist so as to continue the oil-for food program so as to maximize their profits from the scam.

* Could they even gone so far as to having what WMD did exist, moved out to say, Syria, after the gig was up, to cover their butts….

*Is it possible, based on this new informaiton, that our intel on Iraq wasn’t so far off after all?

* And let’s consider John Kerry’s position, in light of all of this.

“I’m an internationalist,” Kerry told The Harvard Crimson 10 months after returning home from Vietnam. “I’d like to see our troops dispersed through the world only at the directive of the United Nations.” —

“I’ve met with foreign leaders who can’t go out and say this publicly,” he said. “But, boy, they look at you and say: ‘You’ve got to win this. You’ve got to beat this guy. We need a new policy.’ Things like that.”

“I believed a year ago and I believe now that we had to hold Saddam Hussein accountable and that the United States needed to lead in that effort,” he said in explaining his vote. “But this administration did it in the worst possible way–without the United Nations, without our allies, without a legitimate plan to win the peace.”

It’s clear Kerry wants to place the United States, and the world under the total control of what has revealed itself as a corrupted body. I think we all know by now what foreign leaders Kerry was talking about; the ones benefiting from the “Oil for Food” scam. France and Germany and Russia.

Remember, if all this sounds extreme, so is the money. Think about the raw numbers of dollars we’re dealing with here… Between 10 and 40 billion so far.  There seems to me many directions this corruption that we are only now finding, could have gone. Indeed, I doubt we’ll find it all.

And then there’s the laugh-a-minute Hans Blix still trying to sell his story to a press eager to have him justify their leftist politics. Is Blix just part of a cover, to which our own leftist press is an unwitting party?

Our course is clear; The US should shut off all funding to the UN.

Now. All of it…

At least, until such time as the UN can give an accounting of itself in the matter.  And John Kerry should be explaining to us why he wants the United States controlled by a group demonstrably corrupted.

Have you noticed he’s not once mentioned the oil-for-food scam?

Shouldn’t be too hard for you to figure out why.

Let’s end this on a positive note:

“America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our country.” –President George W. Bush