0314042007- Rochester, NY–

The Kerry saga of lies continues.

I’ve collected a few items form the past week:

* The Seattle Times reports:

“WASHINGTON – The Interior Department’s inspector general has found no basis for a claim by Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry that White House political advisers interfered in developing water policy in the Northwest”

In other words:
Kerry Lied.

* If you’ll recall, I expressed some level of question as regards the speed with which the “outrage’ hit the airwaves about the ads the president’s been running.

For a few days I was alone in my questioning of it. But now, (thank God..) people are starting on learning the truth

To listen to media whining for the last couple weeks, you ‘d think that all this was because a group of people associated with September 11th victims were so mad they got together to protest Mr. Bush, and that all that outrage was spontaneous.


We’re now finding out that’s not true… and all it took was about 15 minutes with Google. Lookie what Bithead found!

Seems that a group calling itself “September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows” being funded by George Soros among others had this reaction all planned out, knowing full well the subject would come up.

This is not outrage… this is cynical Democrat party politics as usual, and Mr. Bush should be calling Kerry out on this one.

Oh, but hold da phone… you’ve seen NOTHING yet. This gets even better! In my searching, I find that “Peaceful Tomorrows” is listed as an official project of the Tides Center and its parent group, the Tides Foundation which is a radical leftist group I’ve mentioned before as one funded by Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Democrat candidate John Kerry. The Kerrys have poured over $4 million to the Tides Foundation between 1995-2001. Two other Heinz family foundations have poured in an additional $2 million.

They claim of course, on their site that :

“September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows has never received funding from Teresa Heinz Kerry, John Kerry, the Howard Heinz Endowment, or the Vira I. Heinz Endowment. We have no connection with the Heinz or Kerry families through Tides Foundation, the Tides Center or any other entity.”

Ah, but wait… and re read that response with some care, and you may notice that this carefully crafted rebuttal doesn’t address, much less answer the question of them getting money from TIDES, which in turn was funded by Kerry and company.

Clinton himself couldn’t wiggle better. The impression they’re trying to leave, that they got no funding whatever from Kerry…simply does not wash with the tax records. They did, in fact, get money form Tides and the other Kerry orgs, and they’re trying to cover Kerry’s butt with a bit of slight of hand.

“Tides”, and ” Peaceful Tomorrows” should be examined by the IRS, and by the FEC for federal level violations, and the Kerrys belong in jail over this one. This kind of cynical ploy at the expense of the victims of 9/11 cannot go unchallenged.

* Then of course, there’s the under-the-breath comments from Kerry.

The fact is that this is decidedly not news. The reason it’s not news is it was not unexpected.

As vile as his comments are, everyone already knew he feels that way, and has been talking that way behind the scenes for four years. These comments were bound to come out eventually. At east now, his vile sludge is out in the open, and can be dealt with by the voters.

I suspect it will be. Even the Democrats are running for the exists for the most part.

And is it just me, or did it strike you that some of Dean rubbed off on him? I mean they meet and he gets taped mouthing this crap… not unlike Dean.

* Everything I Know Is Wrong quotes The Captain who makes a valid point about Kerry’s claim of encouragement from (unspecified) foreign leaders. assuming he’s not lying, that is….:

” If Kerry really is in clandestine communication with foreign leaders and discussing changes in American foreign policy under his proposed administration, then he is interfering with the foreign policy of the current administration, which may be an actionable offense, depending on the circumstances.”

This kind of thing is why he’s in my hot blogroll…

I’d add to this, if he IS talking to them, are they backing these wishes with MONEY… such as the Chinese…

Even today, he’s getting called on it; Colin Powell on Fox News Sunday today quietly suggested Kerry ‘fess up on wh it is he’s been talking to. Of course, he won’t.

* Some interesting reports from London’s TELEGRAPH, with an interview of Stepehn Gardner, who is openly questioning Kerry’s ‘Vietnam hero’ status. Gardner, you see was THERE, and saw Kerry’s actions for himself. Says the TELGRAPH”

“The testimony of Steven Gardner, a gunner’s mate on the first patrol boat commanded by Mr Kerry in the Mekong delta, contradicts accounts of the senator’s military career that depict him as a brave and aggressive lieutenant who won three Purple Hearts and which are a key element of his campaign against George Bush.

“He absolutely did not want to engage the enemy when I was with him,” Mr Gardner said in an interview with the Boston Globe, which contacted him about the presidential candidate. “He wouldn’t go in there and search. That is why I have a negative viewpoint of John Kerry.

“His initial patterns of behaviour when I met him and served under him were of somebody who ran from the enemy, rather than engaged it.”

And finally, comes word from the RNC that Steve Schmidt, A Bush campaign spokesman, suggests:

“After calling Republicans crooks and liars, running 17 negative ads over 15,000 times and spending $6.3 million attacking the president, John Kerry is calling for a civil debate on the issues… John Kerry should finish the debate with himself.”

Can’t say it better, myself.