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Kerry Caught Lying Yet Again

Blogs for Bush [1] reports and links to stories saying:

“John Kerry’s campaign has backed off their earlier denials that Kerry was not present for the VVAW meeting in Kansas City, November 1971, where the ‘Phoenix Project’ was brought to debate and a vote”

The historian Gerald Nicosia, who happens to be a Kerry supporter, released the minutes of the VVAW meeting, as well as FBI surveillance documents he received under a Freedom of Information request while researching a book on anti-war activism. Nicosia says that the evidence of Kerry’s appearance and participation in the debate is “incontrovertible”. This puts to lie Kerry’s earlier contention that he was nowhere near Kansas City in November 1971 and that he had resigned from the VVAW in July of that year.

Can’t wait to see the liberal spin on this one.


Aldaynet comments on this story saying that was HE a part of a group planning to….

…. kill US Senators in an act of terrorism i would damn sure remember it, even 30 years later, this wishy washy excuse is a sham, hell the reason he quit the Vietnam Veterans Against the War was because of this plan! and the real question is why a young John Kerry didn’t report this failed plot to authorities? If this is picked up by mainstream media and used by Bush/Cheney it will destroy Kerry’s presidential bid. And the best part is it was all exposed by a Kerry campaign worker!