IN a comment posted at Mudville Gazette

It’s clear, to me at least, what’s happening, here.

Kerry’s Democrats cannot fault Mr. Bush on what he did in response to 9/11 any longer… though they did most certainly make the attempt. So what they’re trying to do now is to claim he didn’t do enough BEFORE 9/11.

That’s the main thrust of the partisan attack leveled by Clarke, et al, and the center of the discussion as regards Condi Rice.

I find this an interesting tactic. More properly, a desperate one.

Think; What Kerry’s really doing is providing a tacit admission that Clinton’s policy of a ‘law enforcement’ approach was an abject failure. He’s doing this because the main thrust of his argument seems to be that Bush continued to follow Clinton’s policy… or, put another way, that Bush didn’t move away from Clinton’s policy fast enough once taking office.

What’s particularly striking about this is that it’s Clinton’s failed policy that Kerry wants us to return to.