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Let’s start with a premise:

War heroes do not fight for their country, and then return to spend the next 30 years or so attacking both the country’s actions and call it’s fighting men ‘war criminals’, while working tirelessly to hamstring that country’s actions and giving support to that country’s sworn enemies.

I will go one step farther. I will not only openly question Kerry’s commitment to the defense of our nation, I will openly question Kerry’s commitment to our nation, period. Mind, I do not dispute that he was in Vietnam and got himself decorated during that time.

John Kerry apparently assumes that service to one’s country while in Uniform entitles one to a lifetime of passes for all their future actions.

But as has been pointed out by others:

War Heroes do not return home from a war and attack their own country!

War Heroes do not return home and attack their fellow veterans and service members!

War Heroes do not throw their medals over a fence at the capital and then later admit they were not theirs to begin with! (hypocrisy??)

War Heroes do not give aid and comfort to the enemy and conduct events under the flag of the enemy!

War Heroes do not lie and paint “ALL” of their fellow veterans as war criminals, before a U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee as he did on April 22, 1971.

War Heroes do not allow themselves and their conduct to be used as a propaganda tool by and for the enemy we are at war with.

War Heroes understand if you don’t like a policy, deal with the policy makers not falsely blame and accuse fellow veterans or those serving their country and simply following legal and lawful orders.

War Heroes do not create a situation when they return home that causes more death and severe torture of his fellow veterans still in combat or POW camps!

War Heroes don’t have friends and financial sponsors such as Jane Fonda who caused the additional torture of American POW’s.

War Heroes do not engage anti war activists to pretend they are veterans to give credence to their cause!

War Heroes do not make the lives of their returning comrades so miserable they are only called shameful names and ostracized from society in general causing many to commit suicide, and have a huge negative impact on their ability to move forward with their lives.

War Heroes do not work hard to create a society where other decorated heroes are afraid to admit they served this country let alone admit they are heroes themselves. Unless of course they are a part of his anti America band wagon.

War Heroes do not attack the military of their own country.

War Heroes do not create or promote an environment that makes members of the military feel ashamed of their service to their country.

Kerry complained via a letter to President Bush:

“As you well know, Vietnam was a very difficult and painful period in our nation’s history, and the struggle for our veterans continues. So, it has been hard to believe that you would choose to reopen these wounds for your personal political gain. But, that is what you have chosen to do.”

Fact is, though, that Bush is not the one who decided to open those wounds, but Kerry. Let’s call this what it is; Kerry’s the one who made his middle name ‘Served in Vietnam’ So, Kerry, really, are the one that started that one. What everyone to his right, and many to his left have done is to simply point out his voting record since that time.

Well, wait. Since Kerry brought it up, let’s examine his service for just a moment, shall we?

Kerry spent a total of four months in country. Four months.

During that time, he suffered three flesh wounds, two of them minor. When he got purple hearts for said injuries, they were given based on recommendations Kerry himself wrote.

Once he got his third Purple heart, he asked to be sent back. stateside. Even Adml Elmo Zumwalt stated flatly that he’d have problems in his political carrier based on his experiences in ‘nam.

Once he came back form ‘nam, he then proceeded to sit down before Congress and outright lie about a number of atrocities, committed he said, by American servicemen there. Yet, he never witnessed them. In short Mr. Kerry LIED, and slandered his fellow servicemen.

The real issue is what he did since getting into office. This, it seems was very consistent with his anti-Americanism since coming back form ‘nam… Kerry is on record as having voted against every single Pentagon weapons program during his tenure in the U.S. Senate. Every single one.

This kind of wekaness at best, and in truth, anti-Americanism, is something I want nowhere near the reins of power.

Apparently a lot of other people who served in Vietnam, don’t want him there, either.

Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry (V.V.A.J.K) has formed a national coalition with Vietnamese Americans for Human Rights in Vietnam.

“We represent hundreds of thousand of American veterans who do not want to see John Kerry any where near the Oval Office,” said Ted Sampley, founder of V.V.A.J.K, and a U.S. Army Green Beret and veteran of two combat tours in Vietnam.

I have personally dealt with John Kerry on the issue of US POWs left behind in Vietnam. Kerry is not truthful and is not worthy of the support of US veterans. Many Vietnam vets have been duped into thinking Kerry is their friend. He is not. To us, he is ‘Hanoi John'”

Dan Tran, a NASA engineer and president of the Vietnam Human Rights Project, said, “John Kerry aided and abetted the communist government in Hanoi and has hindered any human rights progress in Vietnam.”

Mike Benge, former civilian Viet Nam POW says, “John Kerry has fought harder for the Vietnamese communists than he fought against them in Vietnam.

“In the Senate, Kerry almost single handedly prevented a Vietnam Human Rights (and religious freedom) Bill from coming to a vote. Mean while the Vietnamese communists continue to wage a war of repression against our former South Vietnamese allies and a war of genocide against the Montagnard ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.”

Chau Nguyen, President of the Vietnamese Community in NY said, Pastors, Priests, and Buddhist Monks are being held against their will and many are beaten close to death on a regular basis”

When Kerry returned from military service in Vietnam he became a national leader and spokesperson of Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

In this role, Hanoi John campaigned against the efforts of the United States to contain the spread of communism throughout Southeast Asia. Under Kerry’s leadership, VVAW members marched in demonstrations under the flags of the Viet Cong enemy and displayed pictures of Ho Chi Minh. They mocked the uniform of
United States soldiers by wearing tattered fatigues, many marked with pro-communist graffiti.

In congressional testimony Hanoi John called the U.S. involvement in Vietnam “a genocide against the Vietnamese people” and referred to his former comrades as “war criminals.” The false image and social stigma portraying Vietnam vets as “drug-addicted baby killers and mindless drones” can be traced directly to John Kerry and his VVAW.

“It’s one thing,” said New York Vietnam veteran Jerry Kiley, “to oppose a war for moral reasons, but it’s dishonorable to take that extra step and support the enemy. That’s what John Kerry did.”

Dan Tran, speaking as a member of Vietnamese Americans Against John Kerry said, “On behalf of tens of thousands of Vietnamese-Americans, we are determined to demonstrate against Senator Kerry all across this nation”

The Coalition plans nationwide demonstrations against Kerry beginning with the New York primary.

Finally, let’s remember that a war hero doesn’t take illegal campaign contributions from the Chinese. According to the LA TIMES…

“Sen. John F. Kerry sent 28 letters in behalf of a San Diego defense contractor who pleaded guilty last week to illegally funneling campaign contributions to the Massachusetts senator and four other congressmen.

Members of Congress often write letters supporting constituent businesses and favored projects. But as the Democratic presidential front-runner, Kerry has promoted himself as a candidate who has never been beholden to campaign contributors and special interests. . . .

Asked what he did to repay the money, Kerry’s campaign said Wednesday he had donated $13,000 to charity on Feb. 9 which was two days before Majumder’s guilty plea.”

Anyone still think Bush isn’t going to be able to defeat Kerry?