Bootz this morning brings up a point that’s been in the back of my mind for some days now, but aparently misses the angle…

“Did you folks know that about one week ago U.S. intelligence operatives uncovered a memo from a leading terrorist bemoaning the level of American success in Iraq?  The memo was from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, one of the world’s most wanted Islamic terrorists today.  Al-Zarqawi was exhorting Al Qaeda to promote a Sunni – Shiite civil war in Iraq, the only way he sees to turn around the American success in Iraq.

We’re winning!  That’s news, isn’t it?  A leading Islamic terrorist says that the United States is “suffocating” the jihad in the Middle East!  Isn’t that just what we went over there to do?  Don’t you think that’s news?

Apparently it’s not.

Columnist Diana West searched the transcripts of the White House media briefings for last week and found that there was only one question about the memo.  Only one.  The enemy admits it’s losing, and this gets only one question.  But what about President Bush’s service in the National Guard?  Well, that issue brought over 100 questions.”

Bootz’s excellent point aside, the one thing he doesn’t bring up here is that this memo is a tacit admission to something that the left in this country (and therefore the press) doesn’t want to admit.

That being that all the complaints about the diversion of resources away from the war on terrorism were nonsense… that Iraq was in fact *the* place to go to stem the tide of terrorism. And this memo is confirmation that Mr. Bush was doing the right thing all along.

And so the press ignores it.