Here’s some John Kerry Pictures I think will stick with you.

John Kerry is going to spend the next 250 some-odd days and something around 200 million dollars of ads and so on, to try to get you to forget these images. I’ve used others in the last few weeks, of course but these have been in my in basket, some sent by readers. (By all means, if you have one to add, send it along!)

When Kerry tries to separate himself from the anti-American movement headed and funded by Hanoi Jane Fonda, remember this one.

When Kerry claims he will speak for American interests as President, remember this one. That’s Ho Chi Minn’s bust, up there.

When you see a Kerry Bumper Sticker, think:

When Hanoi Jane tries, as she did recently, to tell us about how pro-American she was and how the people like Kerry, following her were heroes, remember what she and her followers, including John Kerry really stood for, as shown us by this pic of her with the VietCong.

When John Kerry tries to tell us about how he’s every man, and knows what it’s like to work for a living… when he tries to tell us about how he’s going to fight for the every man, when he tries to tell us about how he’s not the very type he claims to be fighting.. IE; the privileged rich… remember this pic of Kerry on JFK’s yacht. That’s him on the left. He’d be what, around 15?

When Kerry tells us about how he resepcts the military, and America itself, remember how he got arrested in the act of protesting… not against the war, but against America.

Finally, let’s remember that were Kerry in a position to make the choice, the person responsible for so many mass graves in and around Iraq would still be in power. This too, then, is a John Kerry picture.

A picture, they say, is worth 1000 words. Apparently, they were right. I’m banking you’re going to remember the real John Kerry, and not what his handlers are spending all that money trying to project.