The Telegraph is running a story on this Kerry blow up today. In it, they reveal the Democrats are already trying to play the blame game, in their own lying fashion:

“Democratic sources blamed the allegation on Republican ‘dirty tricks’. They said it marked the long-expected start of a campaign from the Right to smear the frontrunner and damage his chances of fighting a strong campaign against President George W Bush”

Does nobody actually check this stuff? Let’s be honest here. This is a Republican op only if you think Weasely Clark is a Republican this week. And he’s a Republican only if Bill Clinton is a good role model. Speaking of which I’m willing to bet the Clintons had their hands in this one.

In any event, for all the credit Drudge deserves for running the story, the fact is, it’s not his story, really. This story was being shopped around for months, and has been in blogdom for the last month.

Sorry, no sale, here.