Aldaynet: Hanoi John:

“MSNBC ‘Hardball’ host and longtime Democrat Chris Matthews said Tuesday that a photo showing Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry protesting the Vietnam war with ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda is a real problem for his party’s top candidate.
While offering sharp criticism of President Bush for not serving in Vietnam, Matthews told radio host Don Imus Tuesday morning: ‘You’ve got the Jane Fonda problem on the other side. The thing with her is, she was on the other side – she was on Hanoi’s side during that war.’
‘And I’ll tell you,’ Matthews continued, ‘everybody I knew, including me, who was against the war – I wouldn’t have anything to do with a person who supported Hanoi.'”

I’ll be posting this pic on this weekend’s BIT. I’m telling you, gang… Kerry Spanking will become somehting of a national sport very soon. Indeed, I wonder if hte RNC will be able to hold back the tide so all of this stuff doesn’t come out too soon to do any good come the election.