A lot of flash traffic on this one…. here a feed fromthe AP:

“LONDON (AP) – British Airways (BAB) has canceled three flights from Heathrow Airport to Washington, D.C., and Miami because of government security concerns, the airline said Saturday.

Flight 223 to Washington’s Dulles airport will not fly on Sunday or Monday, but is to depart on schedule at 3:05 p.m. local time Saturday, said an airline spokeswoman. U.S. officials said Friday that new intelligence indicated Flight 223 and Air France flights from Paris to an unspecified U.S. city could be terrorist targets.

Flight 207 to Miami will not fly on Sunday, she said, but had departed Saturday morning.”

223, you will recall, was the one that was canceled at the beginning of January.
Some reports are suggesting that this action was NOT taken because of passenger lists. Apparently some other type of intel prompted the actions, here.