Eric Florack on January 15th, 2004

Anyone who thinks Clark won’t be easier to take out of the running in the general election than Howard the Duck is, had better consider the following. DRUDGE reports Weasely Clark saying: “‘I’ve been very consistent… I’ve been against this war from the beginning,’ the former general said in Detroit on October 26. ‘I was […]

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Eric Florack on January 15th, 2004

I usually don’t bother posting E-mails to this page. This, however is an exception. I consider that exception worth it, because it rather clearly demonstrates something I’ve written about before. Be warned… it’s about what you’d expect from High-minded Democrats. (Pun intended) [email protected] writes: you ignorant fool! its shit for brains like you that make […]

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ABCNEWS asks the question:: “Dean’s Trooper What Did He Know About Abuse Allegations; When Did He Know It?” Interestingly, Drudge is reporting: Dean’s campaign managers threatened to kick ABC-TV off the Dean Campaign plane if ABCNEWS ran the affidavit story on tonight’s WORLD NEWS, insiders tell DRUDGE… Dean Manager Joe Trippi said: “Im gonna come […]

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