Eric Florack on January 13th, 2004

O’Neill Denies Charge Over Book Documents provides some snippets… “Asked if he plans to vote for Bush in November’s presidential election, O’Neill said he ‘probably’ would. ‘I don’t see anyone who is better prepared or more capable,’ he told NBC.” Asked if he thought the internal Treasury probe was a get-even move by the administration, […]

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The Washington Times is reporting: ” Mexican President Vicente Fox yesterday said he favors open borders across North America, not amnesty for his countrymen illegally residing in the United States. “ well, duh… He wants all the benefits of the American workplace and none of the poblems involved. Means a real boost to his country’s […]

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AFP on YAHOO is reporting a large protest in support of a BBC personality charged with making anti-Arab remarks. It would appear the BBC has under-estimated the anger they’ve been tirring up with hteir anti-western attitude. Big Quote from the story: “‘People are getting sick of debate being stifled while at the same time you […]

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