Eric Florack on January 5th, 2004

One of the biggest arguments over the last few years, on the opinion pages and on Usenet, tends to pop up when the name of Hitler is invoked as a standard for comparison. The usual leftist mantra runs that when we compare (insert Hillary here) to Hitler, ala “Hitlery”, it’s a sure sign that the […]

Continue reading about W As Hitler? Does Howard Dean have an Insider Trading Problem?: “Howard Dean acknowledged yesterday that he sold $15,000 in stock in five Vermont banks in 1991 after getting ‘inside information’ from a state banking regulator soon after he became Vermont governor.” Well, what can I say? Dean is, after all, a Democrat.

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Eric Florack on January 5th, 2004

Memo to Terry McAwful:May the Democratic leaders get the anger they deserve. BY ZELL MILLER An interesting article, in which Miller disagrees with none of the supposedly ‘core Values” of the Democrat party, but rather takes to task the personalities vieing for it’s nomination for president, for their nonsense, that just abou everyone, inclduing MOVEON […]

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