Eric Florack on December 20th, 2003

Yeah, I know, it’s been kinda light in the blog. Here’s why: I’m installing a new (to me) file and print server and getting it right. The biggest problem I have is getting this big ol’ Cisco router working right, so the server is hidden from the net, but not from the house computers. I […]

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Cascading Effects of Saddam’s Capture – On Point Commentary by Austin Bay Austin Bay makes an interesting analasys of the current situation in the middle east.  Says he: “Scooping Saddam from his spider den isn’t history the size of Gaugamela, but it ain’t bean bag, either. Saddam’s capture has the potential for producing extraordinary […]

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Eric Florack on December 20th, 2003

Reason’s Virginia Postrel suggests that’s the case: ” “Today’s lavish displays do more than brighten the night. They tell a story of economic progress. Like the electronic gadgets aimed at gift buyers, the tiny lights outlining rooflines and tree limbs illustrate new sources of growth, productivity, and prosperity. Aesthetic pleasure, they tell us, is an […]

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Eric Florack on December 20th, 2003

JOHN BERTHOUD in the Miami Herald this morning: “For years, the government-owned Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and its affiliates, National Public Radio (NPR) and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), have been the recipients of large public handouts. Tax dollars from wealthy, middle-income and lower-income Americans have gone to subsidize programming whose audience is disproportionately […]

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Eric Florack on December 20th, 2003

Users cling to old Microsoft operating systems | CNET “Even though Microsoft said this week that it will stop distributing Windows 98 at the end of this month, a new study shows that a substantial number of businesses, both large and small, are still using it. The study, released this week by technology consultant […]

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