Eric Florack on December 6th, 2003

New York Post Online Edition: news: Interesting how desperate they’re getting, isn’t it?


From the realm of the totally bizzare… Barbie Collectibles – The official Mattel website for the hobby of Barbie doll collecting: “Barbie? and Ken? as Arwen and Aragorn”

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Eric Florack on December 6th, 2003

Naples Daily News: Columnists: Anyone seeking added evdience tha Molly Ivins is either nuts or bought off, should look no further: “AUSTIN, Texas — No one has been waiting with bated breath for me to make up my mind about the Democratic presidential candidates, but I have, and you might be interested in how I […]

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Eric Florack on December 6th, 2003

RightWeAre Sad news to report; RIGHTWEARE is going down. The girls will be missed.

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Eric Florack on December 6th, 2003

Sullivan is at his best when he keeps his head out of his pants and keeps his jibes to short lines like this: CHOMSKY ON WESTERN ANTI-SEMITISM: It “scarcely exists.” And no mention of anti-Semitism anywhere else in the world, of course. Of course, Chomsky has to deny it. Or else he would have to […]

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