Democrat pollster Mark Mellman has a column in “The Hill” newspaper headlined: “Beware: Bush Hatred is a Minority Taste.” Among other things, he writes that Democrats hate Bush, and that this hatred is driving the party’s primary – which will threaten the nominees ability to attract swing voters in 2004. These thoughts are echoed word […]

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Eric Florack on December 4th, 2003

A particularly sad report from PEOPLE magazine today. Former President Reagan Rarely Awake – Report “Former President Ronald Reagan, is now confined to a bed, rarely awake and unable to walk or talk, People magazine said in a report issued on Thursday.” I’m a little torn on this one. He’s 92, and so any degree […]

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Eric Florack on December 4th, 2003

In case you needed any further indication of the 9th Circus Court having lost their little collectivist minds… – Politics – Part of 1996 Anti-Terror Law Overturned: “The San Francisco-based appeals court struck down part of the law, ruling that it is unconstitutional to punish people — sometimes with life in prison — for […]

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Rod Thompson: “The ballroom of the Hyatt in downtown Sarasota was filled to capacity with 200 people at a $75-per-plate dinner. Typical Republican shindig, except for one thing: Most of the attendees were black.” Nuff said

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Eric Florack on December 4th, 2003

Yahoo! News – Top Stories Photos – AP Note the T-shirt behind Dean.

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Eric Florack on December 4th, 2003

Mark Noonan has an excellent read on John Kerry in front of the CFR yesterday. Seems to me very clear that Kerry has just buried himself. Somewhat less clear is the question about burying his party, as well, though frankly, I think he has. Consider; How many Democrats will argue with what he said yesterday? […]

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Eric Florack on December 4th, 2003…We’re the extremists worst nightmare. The webmasters at have been nice enough to permlink me on their template. Thanks, Guys. Theirs is a fine page… and that they include me among such pages as USS CLUELESS and Little Green Footballs is a high compliment indeed. I”ll be adding the perm link to them later […]

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Eric Florack on December 4th, 2003

Soros Vs. Bush An interesting background/write-up on George Soros… someone who has come up in this space several times, and will doubtless do so again.

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Eric Florack on December 4th, 2003

The Volokh Conspiracy: Gene’s got an interesting discussion going, you may want to read. “How is discriminating against religious participants in generally available programs ‘the only means of avoiding a theocracy’? “

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Eric Florack on December 4th, 2003

Glenn seems to agree with my call on the Plame thing as I spoke of yesterday. “No word on whether she’s missing an arm. . . . Wilson says the pictures won’t identify her. Sorry — if you’re really an undercover spy, and really worried about national security, you don’t do this sort of […]

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Eric Florack on December 4th, 2003

Dennis E. Powell on Space Exploration on National Review Online: “When President Bush delivers a speech recognizing the centenary of heavier-than-air-powered flight December 17, it is expected that he will proffer a bold vision of renewed space flight, with at its center a return to the moon, perhaps even establishment of a permanent presence there. […]

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Eric Florack on December 4th, 2003

The Bird Was Perfect But Not For Dinner ( “President Bush’s Baghdad turkey was for looking, not for eating” Yeah? So? Good Gosh, has the leftist press sunk so low in trying to dig up dirt on the President that they have to run this nonsense as headline news?

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