Eric Florack on November 26th, 2003

Among the many things I am thankful for this thanksgiving, is we have so many fine, brave people willing to give of their time, their talents, and possibly their lives, for something bigger.  They’re there because they know the job needs doing. But it’s a job they can’t do alone.  I’d like you to consider […]

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Eric Florack on November 26th, 2003

Well, doesn’t this fry your chicken? Drudge is reporting that there is a lot of anger from the military at the full military honors being lavished on Howard Dean’s brother, Charlie. By way of introduction….This is the man about whom Ann Coulter wrote: “Howard Dean talks about his brother Charlie’s murder at the hands of […]


Eric Florack on November 26th, 2003 – Your Miami Everything Guide “Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan has lost his regular perch on MSNBC.” So opens a write up about MSNBC Canceling ‘Buchanan & Press’ No mention. nary a word in fact, about how Liberal Bill Press loses HIS regular perch. No liberal bias, my butt.

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Eric Florack on November 26th, 2003

Yahoo! News – Consumer Confidence at 14-Month High: “U..S. consumer confidence surged to its highest level in over a year, exceeding economists’ rosy expectations, as consumers grew more hopeful about the job market, a report said on Tuesday. ” Well, so much for the cries of ‘It’s the Economy, stupid”, and “Jobless recovery’. One wonders […]

Continue reading about Yahoo! News – Consumer Confidence At 14-Month High Sen. Clinton to spend Thanksgiving with troops in Afghanistan, visit Iraq Can’t you imagine the reaction she’ll get? Here’s a woman who wanted nothing to do with the military once she got into power last time. Now that she’s aiming at the Presidency, suddenly the military is on her list again?

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Eric Florack on November 26th, 2003

I’ve noted this before, but haven’t said anything about it until now… and for some reason Boortz making note of it pushes me over the edge…. Those anti-Bush demonstrations in London last week? Guess who the Chariman was? The leader of the British communist party. Who was the co-chair? The leader of the London Council […]

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