I recently became involved in a conversation, wherein one of the participants a liberal, started making light of the so-called American Taliboy.. Johnny Walker Lindh.

I started wondering about this, and did some investigation. Why would an avowed liberal be so concerned about Lindh’s arrest? I came away from my investigation, more firmly convinced than ever that American liberalism is self-destructive in the extreme. And worse, it seeks to destroy America itself.

That statement on it’s face will create a firestorm, I suppose. But facts, particularly uncomfortable ones, usually do. I submit that liberalism as it has become here in the west is more destructive than any other single force to our American way of life. No before you go into denial, read.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, one need look no further than Lindh. He’s currently stinking up a jail cell, for having taken up arms against us, where I hope he remains for the rest of an greatly abbreviated life.

Now, I’ve seen suggestions, over the years, that young idealistic kids are cups waiting to be filled. So, let’s see if we can determine what Walker was filled with to get him to this pass, shall we?

According to an article in the UK Guardian, the answer lies in the ” faddism of “Bay Area culture” and excessively liberal parenting”. Lindh was, for lack of a better expression, brought up, in Marin County California… the liberal capital of the planet. One article I’ve seen in Newsweek reminded us that ‘Marin County has even been gently mocked by the the most unabashedly liberal cartoon strip in America, ” Doonesbury” as the epicenter of the self-esteem movement, a land of hot tubs… a bastion of moral relativism where divorces were for a time listed alongside marriages in the newspaper.’ And let’s suggest, gently, that Walker’s parents didn’t give him much to counter that appearance.

To assert that the “family” he came from was left wing wacko would be like suggesting that Sir Lawrence Olivier some pretty good acting, sometimes. The Lindhs deserted their Catholic roots. The mother became Buddhist, say the reports. And though she apparently tried to get her son involved, clearly she was unsuccessful. What was clearly transmitted, however was that foundational beliefs can be shopped for as if one was shopping for a better breakfast cereal. The former Ms Lindh had little time for her son, apparently, but did manage to find the time to be involved with far-left activism…. I’ve seen pictures of the woman, in Marin Country at a rally denouncing our response to Iraq’s aggression. Apparently, her daughter was involved as well, since she was also in the picture, carrying a sign.

John’s father Frank, meanwhile, left the home, and the wedding vows, when John was 16 years of age, to live with no, not another woman, but another man.

The Lindhs apparently found even the liberal biased schools in California to be too restricting. No daily classes for John… Too structured. They opted instead to enroll John in a ‘alternative school’, whose only requirement was that the students meet a few times a month with a tutor to discuss their independent projects, which in John’s case turned out to be ‘world cultures’. Gee, big shock.

Now, one can only speculate from this point, because the press was reluctant to research this any further, and what I have been able to get on this point, so far after John’s initial arrest, is spotty… the thrill is apparently gone for our press. Frankly, though, given the eternal state of youth, and the state of liberalism in this country, one can do this rather easily, I think.

Let’s assume John was like other young people, idealistic and wanting to do the right thing. Such a desire, however, requires the understanding of what right and wrong are. Understanding that John clearly lacked, being educated and raised by liberals.

We can for example pretty much assume that this waste of air wasn’t being taught a healthy respect for American culture, language, history and so on. I rather doubt he knew much about the founders of this country, past that they were slave owners. We know the more liberal schools, even the government paid for ones… IE’ taxpayer supported, are about teaching a healthy DISrespect for all of these. While others were learning about America being the shining city on the hill, Walker was being subjected to a labeling of the US as the oppressor, the imperialism capital of the world. Home life did noting to remove this idea. No anchor there, either… he picked up first hand at home that we are becoming a God-less society.

All very liberal, and all very destructive. No shock then, that this was leaning he ended up acting upon. No shock, that is, to everyonbe but the leftists who went into denial when these facts began to be floated.

The people in America, the liberals teach, are the victims. And of course people elsewhere in the woprld who deal with America and Americans are also victims. Of course Lindh, , being an idealistic youth, ate it all up.

Thus does a son of sunny Marin County California, give up that life to join a bunch of terrorists who hold themselves victims of western aggression. He actually followed through on the trash that American liberalism teaches.

And to this day, he cannot understand why he’s in jail.

Lindh’s actions should be a warning to us all about what we are up against from those who taught him. His liberal teachers, including his parents are as destructive or more destructive than anything BinLaden’s been able to toss at us.